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100% Trustworthy

If you are in Houston, I highly recommend Attorney Robert Bennett. Not only he is professional, but also he is passionate and very trustworthy. He will help you with your case and listen to all your problems. You can feel the warmth and carefulness on his advice.


A Very Fine Person & Attorney

Bob Bennett is both a very fine person and a very fine and dedicated Attorney. I have worked with Bob for over 20+ years and there are not many persons who are as professional as Bob in the overall legal or business communities. When Bob accepts an engagement he is totally committed to the success of that project and will undertake all avenues for its beneficial outcome.


Bob Bennett, Best Legal Aid for Medical Students

When USMLE notified me that I conducted Irregular Behavior during my examination, I was very shocked and disheartened. They informed me that I could be suspended from my medical career. I reached out to Mr. Bob Bennett and he carefully guided me and helped me through this ordeal. The conclusion was that the Irregular Behavior Charges were dropped and I was able to continue my medical career. Life throws many hardships and in the medical profession marathon, several hardships will come in our paths. Mr. Bennett was one of those individuals who helped me and supported me during a difficult time. He is excellent advocate and is the correct person for USMLE cases and other medical profession cases. He works hard and will help and guide you. I strongly recommend him and suggest him to be your legal attorney.

Thank you, Mr. Bennett.


A+ Representation on OCDC matter

I have used Mr. Bennett for my professional license defense for 7+ years. I would not trust defense of my professional license to anyone else. Mr. Bennett is competent, experienced, and his staff is professional (not all attorneys are) and very well trained. Attention to every detail of representation. Mr. Bennett fully informed me of what to expect during the OCDC process; and he was correct. No surprises. Furthermore, Mr. Bennett advises me regarding preventive measures I can take to avoid complaints. Priceless!


First Class Law Firm

Bob Bennett runs a first class law firm with a remarkable staff that will treat each individual case with concern and sincerity that it deserves. No matter what unexpected issue appears during your case, this law firm is ready to handle it through years of experience and a well educated staff. What I enjoyed most about their services is that they are honest with their clients; if they can’t get you the answer you are looking for, then they will direct to somebody that can. I recommend contacting this law firm first to handle your case before looking elsewhere.


Happy to Share My Experience

Bob was very helpful in a scary matter in my career and his knowledge and insight helped me both to relax and navigate. I would highly recommend him to others.


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