Top 10 Reasons You Should Have an Attorney

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As a recent law graduate or experienced attorney, you may feel you have the tools to represent yourself and that there is no need to hire an attorney for your Texas Board of Law Examiners hearing. But there are numerous factors and benefits you should consider before making the risky decision to take your professional future into your own hands. The attorneys of Bob Bennett & Associates have been helping professionals defend themselves for over a decade. As a professional, you can count on us to be aggressive advocates and sympathetic counselors during this difficult time.

Ten benefits to having experienced representation

There are numerous benefits of getting an attorney for the Texas Board of Law Examiners hearing process, many of which may not have occurred to you. Below are ten important ways you can benefit from having an experienced advocate help you fight for your license:

  1. Knowing the system — An experienced attorney knows the process and procedures applicable to the Texas Board of Law Examiners hearings. With that knowledge at your disposal, you are better able to make informed decisions regarding your defense as opposed to “shooting from the hip.”

  2. Organizing your defense — A hearing regarding the denial of bar license is a formal proceeding requiring a clear and comprehensive presentation of your case. An experienced attorney knows how to organize and obtain exhibits, witnesses and other evidence and effectively present them to the Board.

  3. Dispassionate response — The stress of having your personal character questioned in a hearing can be too much even for seasoned attorneys. Having an advocate speaking on your behalf can relieve some of that pressure and help you give clear and well thought out responses.

  4. Stipulation of facts By stipulating to certain facts prior to your hearing, an experienced attorney can strategically limit the scope of the inquiry and help paint your character in the most positive light.

  5. Personal relationships — Attorneys who regularly practice before the Board have professional relationships with Board members, staff attorneys and other staff members. This promotes cooperation between the parties and makes an advantageous result more likely.

  6. Showing you are serious — Hiring an attorney immediately shows the Board that you understand the gravity of the situation and are giving the process the respect that it deserves.

  7. Effectively using subpoenas — An attorney with experience in these types of cases knows how to best utilize the Board’s subpoena power to obtain the necessary evidence without alienating potential witnesses.

  8. Avoiding a hearing — In some circumstances, an attorney may be able to ask the Board to reconsider its preliminary determination through a written presentation prior to the hearing. When appropriate, this process can save a great deal of time, stress and money.

  9. Managing emotions — Emotions are nearly always a factor in these types of proceedings, especially when character and fitness are an issue. Having an attorney can help minimize these emotions, allowing you to approach your hearing with a clear head.

  10. Going first — This may seem like a small issue but the stress of spending an entire day waiting for a hearing that can affect the rest of your life can be crushing. On hearing days, individuals who have attorney representation get called first and usually have their hearings within the first few hours of the day.

Consult an experienced BOLE hearing attorney

At Bob Bennett & Associates we have been providing disciplinary and professional license defense to attorneys, doctors and other medical practitioners in Texas for over ten years. We offer free initial consultations, flexible hours and a convenient office location in the historic district of Downtown Houston with ready access to parking and public transportation. Contact our office at 855.973.3906 or online to schedule an appointment to discuss your licensure issue with a compassionate and trustworthy attorney.

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