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A lawsuit can cost you money. But allegations of professional misconduct can cost you your livelihood and, consequently, can be stressful to even the most unflappable professional. Attorney Bob Bennett understands the strain that defending professional license in Houston can place on a person and works to provide compassion, support and a zealous defense to his clients as they fight for their careers and reputations. Through his firm, Bob Bennett & Associates, he has been providing professional license defense in Texas to lawyers, judges and medical professionals for over a decade.


A Professional’s Attorney


Because we make professional license defense in Texas the focus of our practice, we understand the unique needs of professionals facing discipline, denial or other legal or medical licensing issues. While other firms may dabble in this type of law or even include it as one of several components of their practices, we at Bob Bennett & Associates devote the bulk of our practice to defending professionals before various regulatory bodies including the Texas Medical Board and the Board of Law Examiners.

  1. Board of Law Examiners: Law students and out-of-state practitioners who have been denied an attorney license in Texas due to character and fitness issues may still have the opportunity to defend themselves at a hearing before the Board of Law Examiners. One of our experienced attorneys can help you present a clear and compelling case and give you a greater chance of overcoming challenges to your licensure.

  2. Texas Medical Board: The Texas Medical Board is the body responsible for regulating, disciplining and licensing physicians throughout Texas. Related boards also exist for physician assistants and other medical practitioners. The attorneys of Bob Bennett & Associates frequently represent medical professionals before these boards for disciplinary and medical licensing issues.

  3. Office of Chief Disciplinary Counsel: The Office of Chief Disciplinary Counsel is responsible for disciplining lawyers currently licensed in Texas as well as processing and investigating grievances filed against attorneys. The grievance process gives lawyers an opportunity to defend themselves against allegations of negligence or misconduct. An experienced professional license defense attorney at Bob Bennett & Associates can help you make the most of this opportunity.
  4. Other Licensing Agencies

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