Privilege Hearings

Defending the reputations and facilities privileges of professionals


Medical professionals face inquiry from a number of sources. But some of the most intense scrutiny can come from their own peers. Boards of hospitals and other health care organizations frequently hold peer review or privilege hearings in Texas to examine the conduct of their colleagues and take appropriate remedial action. As these are not legal or official proceedings, it may be easy for professionals to underestimate their importance. But make no mistake — if you are facing peer review, your professional reputation and ability to practice are in danger. Bob Bennett & Associates has been representing medical professionals in peer review proceedings for over ten years. We have the experience necessary to navigate these highly technical inquiries and help you construct a compelling defense.


The medical peer review process


While the exact process varies from organization to organization, peer review and privilege hearings in Texas are essentially an inquiry that a health care organization conducts into the actions of a medical professional practicing at that facility. A board of medical professionals at that facility examines the conduct of a medical professional to determine if he or she violated standards of practice or engaged in other inappropriate conduct.

These proceedings can result in the revocation of a professional’s privilege to practice at the facility in question, can devastate his or her professional reputation and can ultimately lead medical licensing action by the Texas Medical Board. Nevertheless, it is common for hospitals to wrongfully use “sham peer review” proceedings with little regard for the consequences as a means of expelling unpopular or otherwise inconvenient doctors.

If you are facing peer review, defending yourself requires not only knowledge of the applicable professional standards but also advocacy skill. A lawyer from Bob Bennett & Associates with experience in peer review proceedings can help you cut through the emotions you are no doubt feeling and translate your professional knowledge into a cogent and compelling defense.


Actions under the Texas law codes


Allegations of professional misconduct or negligence can — and frequently do — have consequences outside of peer review and Texas Medical Board procedures. They can also bring about civil actions for malpractice and in some cases even criminal charges under the Texas law codes. As part of our commitment to defending the professionals of Texas, the attorneys of Bob Bennett & Associates also provide representation and defense in civil malpractice actions as well as criminal charges stemming from professional misconduct.


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