Practice Areas

Professional License Defense

“A lawsuit can cost you money. But allegations of professional misconduct can cost you your livelihood and, consequently, can be stressful to even the most unflappable professional.” Read More

Office of Chief Disciplinary Counsel

“Attorneys in Texas face a myriad of ethical requirements. These rules are always complex, often subjective and frequently open to interpretation.” Read More

Board of Law Examiners Representation

“After successfully completing law school and passing the Texas bar examination, being denied admission to the legal profession on character and fitness grounds can be a devastating blow.” Read More

Board of Law Examiners

“It is a long and tough road to becoming an attorney in Texas. And the moral character and general fitness requisite is an often overlooked final hurdle. But it is far from a mere formality.” Read More

Medical Industry Representation

“From top to bottom, the medical industry is one of the most highly regulated fields in existence.” Read More

Medical Licensing

“In addition to the years of study, multiple examinations and other qualifications, applicants for a medical license in Texas must also meet a number of character and fitness criteria defined in the Texas Medical Practice Act.” Read More

Texas Medical Board

“Medical professionals know that the practice of medicine is a lifetime commitment. Both students and practitioners are subject to strict regulation from the government, […]” Read More

Privilege Hearings

“Medical professionals face inquiry from a number of sources. But some of the most intense scrutiny can come from their own peers.” Read More

Criminal Law

“Since the beginning of his career in 1974, Attorney Bob Bennett has served on both sides of the state and federal criminal process.” Read More

Other Licensing Agencies

“The Houston, TX lawyers of Bob Bennett & Associates understand the stress and uncertainty that can accompany allegations of professional misconduct.” Read More

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