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Helping students overcome moral character and fitness issues

It is a long and tough road to becoming an attorney in Texas. And the moral character and general fitness requisite is an often overlooked final hurdle. But it is far from a mere formality. Every year, students on the cusp of a new and exciting career see their licenses denied for moral character and general fitness reasons. But there is hope for students in this situation. Bob Bennett & Associates is one of the few firms in Texas that routinely represent law students in hearings before the Texas Board of Law Examiners. We help students cut through the stress, fear and disappointment to present a compelling case for their good character.

What is the State Board of Law Examiners?

The Texas Board of Law Examiners is an agency of the Texas judiciary composed of nine Supreme Court appointed members and accompanying support staff. The Board administers the Texas Supreme Court’s qualifications for admission to practice law and is involved in many aspects of the licensure process. But one of the Board’s major duties is conducting an investigation of each applicant for a law license in Texas to determine if they meet character and fitness standards. If the Board determines that an applicant does not, his or her application may be denied for general fitness and moral character grounds. In these cases, an adjudicatory hearing may be necessary for the applicant to prove his or her fitness to practice law.

One of the most common reasons for denial on character and fitness grounds is criminal history. Disclosing a criminal conviction, arrest, ticket or citation to the Board may not, however, be fatal to your application. What is more frequently an issue is the failure to disclose such information to the Board, which in addition to the questions raised by the offense itself also raises doubts as to the applicant’s truthfulness. In cases such as this, you have every reason to have an attorney represent you before the Board. There are many reasons that a law student may neglect to report relevant information and having Board of Law Examiners representation from an experienced attorney can help you plan your arguments and compile compelling evidence of your good character.

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Bob Bennett & Associates provides compassionate and principled representation to professionals and students facing disciplinary and licensure issues. We represent lawyers and law students before the Office of Chief Disciplinary Counsel and Texas Board of Law Examiners as well as medical professionals in privilege hearings and proceedings before the Texas Medical Board. We offer free initial consultations, flexible hours and a convenient office location in the historic district of Downtown Houston with ready access to parking and public transportation. Contact our office at 713.225.6000 or online to schedule an appointment to discuss your licensure issue with a compassionate and trustworthy attorney.

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