Medical Industry Representation

Experienced attorneys defending medical professionals in Texas

From top to bottom, the medical industry is one of the most highly regulated fields in existence. Nurses, doctors, physician assistants and other medical professionals as well as hospitals, health care organizations and health care administrators all face strict ethical and legal regulations. The attorneys of Bob Bennett & Associates understand the special issues that exist in the medical field and make medical industry representation a cornerstone of our practice. Whether you are an individual medical professional or a health care organization in need of a medical corporation lawyer, you can count on Bob Bennett and his associates for the highest caliber of counsel and advocacy.

A zealous advocate for professionals

Medical professionals in Texas are under constant scrutiny from the public, their peers and the Texas Medical Board. And when professionals face allegations of misconduct, their entire livelihood may be at stake. Bob Bennett & Associates provides professional license defense and representation to these professionals in both Board disciplinary proceedings as well as peer review investigations:

  1. Medical licensing: Even after completing years of schooling and examinations, candidates for medical licensing must still meet criteria of character and fitness in order to qualify. We pride ourselves on helping aspiring doctors and other medical professionals who have been denied licensure under these highly subjective criteria.

  2. Privilege hearings:  Peer review and privilege hearings are distinct from hearings before the Texas Medical Board. But they can be just as damaging. We routinely represent medical professionals during these important hearings and are especially adept are exposing sham peer review proceedings initiated by hospitals for improper reasons.


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