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Defending doctors facing disciplinary and licensing issues

Medical professionals know that the practice of medicine is a lifetime commitment. Both students and practitioners are subject to strict regulation from the government, the Texas Medical Board, their peers and the public. Even the most conscientious individuals can find themselves at risk for losing their livelihoods based on allegations from peers and clients. The attorneys of Bob Bennett & Associates have represented medical professionals facing these issues for over a decade. We provide support and compassion as well as zealous and effective advocacy to clients facing discipline or who have been denied for a medical license.

Understanding the Texas Medical Board

The Texas Medical Board is composed of 12 physicians and seven laypersons appointed by the governor for six-year terms. This body is responsible for regulating various aspects of the medical industry. The Board not only regulates and disciplines current practitioners but also presides over Texas medical licensing issues and new applications.

Among the numerous requirements for licensure, Texas medical licensing applicants must meet strict requirements of professional character and must not have engaged in unprofessional or dishonorable conduct. Failing to meet these requirements can and does frequently result in a denial of a medical license. While these requirements are strict, like all character and fitness tests, they are subjective. Therefore, denials based on character and fitness grounds may be reversible with the help of a vigorous defense from an experienced professional licensure attorney.

Disciplinary issues for doctors and medical professionals

In addition to privilege hearings — where doctors, nurses and other medical professionals face review by a committee of their peers — medical professionals may also face discipline under the Texas Medical Board’s grievance procedure. The Board receives nearly 7,000 such grievances each year filed by patients and their family members as well as colleagues within the medical community. The Board thoroughly investigates these allegations and can issue discipline up to and including suspension or revocation of professional licensure.

If you are facing these serious allegations, an experienced attorney from Bob Bennett & Associates may be able to help. We not only provide a zealous defense during Quality Assurance hearings and other dealings with the Board but also work to negotiate a favorable remedial plan should the allegations ultimately be sustained.

Contact a law firm handling medical discipline and license denial cases

The attorneys of Bob Bennett & Associates represent medical professionals and students before various regulatory bodies, including the Texas Medical Board and the Physician Assistant Board. We offer free initial consultations, flexible hours and a convenient office location in the historic district of Downtown Houston with ready access to parking and public transportation. Contact our office at 713.225.6000 or online to schedule an appointment to discuss your licensure issue with a compassionate and trustworthy attorney.

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