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Nearly 40 years on both sides of criminal practice


Since the beginning of his career in 1974, Attorney Bob Bennett has served on both sides of the state and federal criminal process. As an employee of the United States Attorney’s Office and the Interstate Commerce Commission (ICC), he prosecuted numerous individuals and businesses for violating federal law. As a criminal defense attorney in Texas, he helped lead numerous high-profile defendants to favorable results. He now makes this trial advocacy experience available to professionals, executives and others throughout the state. If you need a white collar crime attorney in Texas, Bob Bennett & Associates may be able to help.


An effective white collar crime attorney in Texas


As a Texas federal criminal attorney, Bob Bennett and his associates have been involved in numerous complex, high-profile and highly publicized cases involving members of the business and professional communities:

  • Defended physicians alleged to be involved in a kick-back scheme with pharmaceutical manufacturers
  • Tried case involving a San Antonio cattle company accused of violating the Packers and Stockyards Act
  • Prosecuted numerous transportation companies for criminal violations of the Interstate Commerce Commission (ICC) regulations
  • Investigated a San Antonio oil securities and investment firm for wire and mail fraud
  • Tried numerous officers of a Houston photocopying company for criminal violations of the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act
  • Defended a Houston bank official accused of RICO and currency violations involving international funds
  • Investigated and prosecuted an oil field service company for involuntary manslaughter
  • Defended a Houston CPA against allegations of the embezzlement of over $1,000,000
  • Defended officials of a ship cleaning company against bribery allegations
  • Defended the employee of a federal contractor against allegations of the falsification of documents
  • Defended a professional athlete against Secret Service prosecution for possession of counterfeit funds
  • Defended a multi-million dollar Houston manufacturer against federal tax charges


Defending professionals and business people


As an attorney in Houston, Bob Bennett has devoted his practice to defending professionals from allegations ranging from professional misconduct to criminal violations. He has ample experience — as both a prosecutor and a defense attorney — investigating and trying complex white collar and financial crime cases.


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The experienced attorneys of Bob Bennett & Associates maintain an extensive practice defending professionals and business people in Texas against white collar criminal charges. We offer free initial consultations, flexible hours and a convenient office location in the historic district of Downtown Houston with ready access to parking and public transportation. Contact our office at 713.225.6000 or online to schedule an appointment to discuss your licensure issue with a compassionate and trustworthy attorney.


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