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After successfully completing law school and passing the Texas Bar Examination, being denied admission to the legal profession on character and fitness grounds can be a devastating blow. But all too frequently, conscientious students who would be future lawyers find themselves denied admission based on an old arrest, misdemeanor conviction or other youthful indiscretion. Fortunately, there is hope and those denied admission have an opportunity to present their cases. But to make the most of this opportunity, it is crucial to have representation for the Board of Law Examiners hearing process. Bob Bennett & Associates has been providing this service to law students and out-of-state attorneys for over a decade. We understand the law and the process and use that knowledge to get results for our clients.

Get Representation for the Board of Law Examiners Hearing Process

The hearing process begins when you receive a preliminary determination with notification of your denial of bar admission. You then have 30 days from receipt to request a hearing in writing. Once you request a hearing, the Board staff sets a hearing date and assigns the case to a staff attorney. This attorney appears at your hearing and presents the case against you. At least eight days prior to your hearing, you or your attorney should receive a copy of the documentary evidence the staff attorney intends to present to the Board of Law Examiners. You may object to that evidence in writing at least four days prior to your hearing.

The hearing itself proceeds in much the same way as a court trial, with three members of the Board of Law Examiners presiding. Each side may give a brief opening statement, present documentary evidence, question witnesses and present a closing statement. Unlike a trial, however, the panel may directly question both sides following their presentations.

While there are many reasons having attorneys for the Board of Law Examiners hearing process can help, the personal nature of the hearing is something you should keep in mind. Aside from the technical complexity and nuances of the rules governing character and fitness determinations, running a hearing where your personal and professional character is at issue can be emotionally difficult. Having an experienced attorney from Bob Bennett & Associates at your side can help you practically approach the issues in your case in spite of your emotions. We understand that you want to contribute to your defense, and we work closely with our clients to allow them to do so. But we also provide the knowledge, experience, perspective and support that can make all the difference in this difficult situation.

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