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In addition to the years of study, multiple examinations and other qualifications, applicants for a medical license in Texas must also meet a number of character and fitness criteria defined in the Texas Medical Practice Act. Whether you are a recent medical graduate or an out-of-state doctor moving to Texas, failure to meet these criteria can result in a denial of your application. But many of these requirements are subjective and beholden to the discretion of Texas State Board Medical Examiners. For these reasons, an experienced attorney from Bob Bennett & Associates may be able to help you fight for your license.

Character and fitness denials in Texas

The Texas Medical Board may deny a license application for a number of character and fitness reasons, including:

  • Criminal conviction
  • Intemperate use of drugs or alcohol
  • Submission of a false or misleading application
  • Unprofessional or dishonorable conduct

In cases where the Board’s discretion comes into play, an attorney from Bob Bennett & Associates may be able to help you argue for licensure and prove your good professional character to the Texas State Board Medical Examiners.

Doctor and physician assistant license verification

Physicians and other medical professionals already licensed in another jurisdiction but seeking admission in Texas must meet many of the same requirements as recent medical graduates seeking admission. Moreover, they must verify their current eligibility to practice in another jurisdiction. But doctor or physician assistant license verification can uncover prior professional issues that can lead the Board to deny licensure, such as:

  • Removal, suspension or discipline in another jurisdiction
  • Repeated meritorious malpractice suits
  • False or fraudulent advertising
  • Failure to practice in an acceptable professional manner
  • Negligent issuance or prescriptions

These are some examples of conduct considered “unprofessional and dishonorable” under Texas law. But much of the language is not clear, and the Board’s discretion is often a major factor. As attorneys with experience defending professionals, we understand the issues that doctors and other medical practitioners face. If you have been denied licensure in Texas, we can argue on your behalf for a favorable interpretation of the existing law, present evidence of your good character and help you put forth a compelling case for licensure.

Contact a Houston lawyer with knowledge of the medical industry

Bob Bennett and his associates defend a variety of current professionals in disciplinary matters as well as professionals and students seeking admission to practice in Texas. If the Texas Medical Board or Board of Law Examiners has denied your application for admission, we may be able to help. We offer free initial consultations, flexible hours and a convenient office location in the historic district of Downtown Houston with ready access to parking and public transportation. Contact our office at 713.225.6000 or online to schedule an appointment to discuss your licensure issue with a compassionate and trustworthy attorney.

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